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Dit gebied brengt afbeeldingen van een specifiek thema of onder specifieke criteria samen. De collecties die hier vermeld zijn, werden gebouwd door de leden van de website en bevatten het werk van verschillende fotografen. De auteur van de collectie is niet de fotograaf die de foto's nam (hoewel zij hun eigen werk ook kunnen toevoegen) maar de persoon die de collectie beheert.
Een collectie zou het werk van minstens vijf fotografen moeten omvatten om op de site zichtbaar te worden. U kunt een nieuwe collectie beginnen door toegang te hebben tot 'Collecties' sectie onder uw beheersgebied, of direct van een afbeelding pagina.

Afbeelding collecties
Venice - beheerd door Afagundes
Venice - Italy Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
Images of Venice

DUBAI - beheerd door Dudau
Jumeirah Palm Island  In Dubai Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
Photos of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ecology - beheerd door Madinafatt
Ecological things made of green leaves Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
ecologically clean things: the car, the house and the food for the company brand

Disco dancing - beheerd door Madinafatt
Vector Sphere Set Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
round sphere of small mirrors hanging from the ceiling on a chain around the beams of searchlights and laser

The art - beheerd door Madinafatt
Iron helmet, shield and sword drawn in black and white colors Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
the art of dance, drawing, jewelry and antique articles

Nature - beheerd door Madinafatt
Nature diversity. Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
Furry Christmas tree grows in the middle of beautiful meadows among red berries or trees grows among flowers

People - beheerd door Madinafatt
Christmas kid Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
child dressy hat and shorts sits and enjoys the new game

Love - beheerd door Madinafatt
Set heart. Love and romance. Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
bright hearts surrounded by darker on the edge of a large single heart or made from other things and materials

Christmas and New Year - beheerd door Madinafatt
Round window made from Cristmas branches Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
unusual Christmas tree of Christmas balls on which the falling snowflakes, with a sprig of fir

Healthcare and Medical - beheerd door Madinafatt
Medicine Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
kind yellow sun or doctor can cure any disease and any patient and also for halthcare can help medicine

Food and Drink - beheerd door Madinafatt
Smiling Pizza Chef Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
chef in a white robe invites you to taste its new dish, which he was very pleased or drown food in different ways

Dishes - beheerd door Madinafatt
Glasswares with long shadows on white background Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
transparent glass dishes in three ways: stewpot, jugful and pan or dishes from other materials and colors

Jewelry - beheerd door Madinafatt
Gold openwork sphere with long shadow Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
jewelry and earrings made of blue pearls and decorated with pink petals or beautiful box

Beauty and Fashion - beheerd door Madinafatt
Accessories and items for the fashion and beauty Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
clothing, cosmetics and other fashion items adorn a woman

Animals and Wildlife - beheerd door Madinafatt
Arts and crafts bird Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
fantastic birds stands on a rock and looks at the mystical flower or flying in the air

Backgrounds and Textures - beheerd door Madinafatt
Unusual mystical uneven yellow porthole in dark place Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
frame, pattern, or an abstraction for the company's logo or background

Business and Finance - beheerd door Madinafatt
Speech Bubbles In Question Mark Shape Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
questions became exclamation mark when we find answers to questions

My Canberra - beheerd door Victordiola
Mig 15 jet turbine Toegevoegd: 06/29/2015
If you are into fine art, paintings, galleries, museums, Canberra is the best city to visit in Australia. As the capital of Australia, the place is called the "Bush Capital" because it is surrounded by forest, farmland and nature reserves. This is also the place where the different embassies and consuls around the world are located. So if you like to know more about Australia, visit Canberra. You will love the cold climate as well. I only had 3 days of visit when I visited this fantastic city, but it was truly worth it. The photos in these collections compose of the photos I took during me and my family's trip to Canberra. I also included some similar photos I like from our fellow DT contributors. Thank you for looking at my collection - Grey18

Portugal - beheerd door Afagundes
Lisbon, Portugal Toegevoegd: 06/28/2015
Images of Portugal

Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism in China - beheerd door Ingehogenbijl
Tibetan buddhism hall Toegevoegd: 06/28/2015
Buddha statues, Buddhist temples, Buddhist rituals and Buddhist monks in China and Tibet. With influences from Confucianism and Taoism

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