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What do you think of this? Too Abstract? Not Stock Oriented?
hi all,    just got these 2 images approved,  and i would like to know what u guys think....
Created by Khwi,
on 02/28/2007
1,612 bekeken
6 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 04/02/2007,
gepost door Ichtor
Which of these photographs is better!
i/ve two photographs ;    [img]1669663[/img] and [img]1669427[/img]    Which of these photographs is better and can you tell me why!...
Created by Tamas,
on 01/29/2007
2,895 bekeken
20 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 03/29/2007,
gepost door Saorsa
Feedback, please?
Created by Ninam4,
on 11/16/2006
1,679 bekeken
8 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 03/28/2007,
gepost door J0yce
My Portfolio
Created by Djaphotography,
on 03/19/2007
1,482 bekeken
1 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 03/20/2007,
gepost door Petarneychev
Need your honest feedback please...
Hi Everyone....
Created by Rraheb,
on 03/10/2007
1,640 bekeken
4 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 03/15/2007,
gepost door Tye_ranasaurus
Over filtered? What does it mean?  GESLOTEN
This photo was initially refused because of "poor colors", and the first reviewer suggested that I improve the colors in Photoshop....
Created by Orchidpoet,
on 03/12/2007
1,697 bekeken
7 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 03/13/2007,
gepost door Achilles
Want to know your opinion.
Dear friends want to know your opinion about this picture....
Created by Rajhans,
on 03/01/2007
1,702 bekeken
7 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 03/10/2007,
gepost door Rajhans
Please take a look at my portfolio
I have been here for about 5 months now and am a bit dissapointed with the number of photos sold....
Created by Sharpshot,
on 12/07/2006
1,778 bekeken
8 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 03/09/2007,
gepost door Sharpshot
How do I get advise on a file before I upload it and risk it being rejected?...
Created by Ifly,
on 02/05/2007
1,691 bekeken
4 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 02/12/2007,
gepost door Nikitu
Hi, it's really lack of composition?  GESLOTEN
I'm from Thailand I can read well but not good on writing sorry....
Created by Hotduckz,
on 01/14/2007
1,734 bekeken
2 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 01/14/2007,
gepost door Hotduckz
The beginings
Hi    I was just wondering, are the beginings geting harder and harder this days on DT?...
Created by Mcorto,
on 12/08/2006
1,924 bekeken
9 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 01/08/2007,
gepost door Mcorto
I need help and some directions, please! - (no more valid)  GESLOTEN
Hello,    i've been trying to adjust more towards stock type of photography, but it seems like my images even have a low viewing rate....
Created by Petarneychev,
on 11/28/2006
1,820 bekeken
13 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 01/06/2007,
gepost door Kazakov
400 Online, Now What?
OK, I've lurked in the shadows and learnt from all the suggestions/threads/rejections etc....
Created by Nightowlza,
on 10/31/2006
3,109 bekeken
30 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 12/21/2006,
gepost door Nightowlza
I would appreciate some comments on my portfolio
I would really appreciate some comments on my portfolio so far, I would like to know where I am going wrong if I am going wrong at all, any ideas on how I should progress with my pictures where you feel I am lacking in my images what new styles I should maybe be approaching I would like to thank any persons who leave comments for me or leave messages on this message board....
Created by Djaphotography,
on 10/24/2006
1,614 bekeken
10 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 12/18/2006,
gepost door Godfer
Is there anything wrong
I would appreciate some criticism with thic picture, what have i done wrong, and is there anything i could do to change it?...
Created by Volcomstone14bw,
on 12/13/2006
1,653 bekeken
5 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 12/15/2006,
gepost door Martinapplegate
I would like some comments on my work  GESLOTEN
I would really like it if some of you could leave me some comments on my work so far, I think I am doing all right but am not really sure, look forward to seeing what you have to say....
Created by Djaphotography,
on 12/12/2006
1,507 bekeken
1 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 12/12/2006,
gepost door Beckyabell
Give us a hand :-)
Hi guys,  With all the talent around here, I guess it would be a bit silly not to take advantage....
Created by Shadow69,
on 10/26/2006
1,605 bekeken
5 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 12/11/2006,
gepost door Shadow69
Always seeking feedback - positive or negative
I'm fairly new at DT and would love feedback from those of you who have been at it longer than I have....
Created by Eric1513,
on 10/27/2006
1,581 bekeken
4 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 12/10/2006,
gepost door Cherylt
Does Dreamstime only take RGB?  GESLOTEN
All of my last 30 something submissions have been rejected, mostly because of "distorted pixels due to poor sensor performance, image was interpolated, poorly scanned, upsampled or JPG was not saved at the highest quality....
Created by Peolsen,
on 12/06/2006
1,572 bekeken
1 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 12/06/2006,
gepost door Beckyabell
First Model Shots
Looking for feedback on my first model shot....
Created by David15,
on 12/05/2006
1,466 bekeken
1 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 12/05/2006,
gepost door Rajhans

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Het tonen van topics 601 - 620 van 901