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How to do this
  [img]2574059[/img]        Is there a tutorial on how to create these?...
Created by Ladykassie,
on 06/15/2007
5,941 bekeken
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Laatste Post: on 10/26/2008,
gepost door Martinedegraaf
Portraits to B&W in Photoshop Elements
Hi     I have been trying to do a conversion of portrait shots to Black and White and just can't seem to get it right no matter what I try to do....
Created by Helen66,
on 10/13/2008
4,196 bekeken
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Laatste Post: on 10/13/2008,
gepost door Helen66
How to remove logo?
Okay so I have been having "extreme" difficulty with this one image....
Created by Kmclachlan,
on 12/02/2005
10,345 bekeken
11 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 10/10/2008,
gepost door Photospace
Silhouettes - Photoshop CS3
Hiya,  I'm trying to create silhouette images (vector or otherwise) from photographs using photoshop cs3....
Created by Shadow69,
on 09/07/2007
8,052 bekeken
7 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 09/17/2008,
gepost door Southernstar71
Keywording in lightroom 1.4
i am using lightroom 1....
Created by Lecaro,
on 09/01/2008
2,427 bekeken
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Laatste Post: on 09/01/2008,
gepost door Lecaro
* Photoshop Tutorial - Using CS3 Adjustment Exposure
Photoshop Tutorial - For Beginners and Intermediates    It's NOT about changing your images....
Created by Rjmiz,
on 06/21/2007
4,851 bekeken
3 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 08/22/2008,
gepost door Cathysbelleimage
Textures & backgrounds
Created by Tanvi31,
on 04/26/2008
80,084 bekeken
9 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 08/20/2008,
gepost door Julia161
Nikon Capture Nx Question-- Can it stack images?
First I am not certain this should be brought up in a 'Photoshop' forum....
Created by Sallyjogary,
on 08/08/2008
2,673 bekeken
2 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 08/15/2008,
gepost door Sallyjogary
How to add keyword as IPTC
I use Nikon Capture NX and PS CS and found it hard to manage a lot of images and words....
Created by Hotduckz,
on 08/29/2007
3,866 bekeken
9 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 07/09/2008,
gepost door Godfer
Tutorial for Photoshop Shortcuts
Heres a short tutorial for quickly switching between display modes when your processing and checking for quality using shortcut keys in Photoshop CS2....
Created by Mshake,
on 06/27/2008
3,375 bekeken
0 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 06/27/2008,
gepost door Mshake
Problem with raw conversion
Hi all    I have a problem converting from raw to jpeg in Photoshop CS2 since recently....
Created by Minthotchocolate,
on 06/18/2008
2,510 bekeken
3 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 06/20/2008,
gepost door Bradcalkins
Any alternatives to Photoshop?
Hi, I'm an underwater photographer....
Created by Desertdiver,
on 09/19/2006
4,266 bekeken
18 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 06/03/2008,
gepost door Photostar73
To Save photographs for DT
    To save a photograph in PS for this side what is the best to do:    Baseline (standard)  baseline (optimized)  Progressive and the scans    and why?...
Created by Tamas,
on 07/06/2007
3,346 bekeken
8 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 05/20/2008,
gepost door Tamas
Thanks Rjmiz!!!!!!!!
Hey, just wanted to thank you for your photoshop tutorials....
Created by Scott_downs,
on 02/29/2008
2,778 bekeken
1 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 03/07/2008,
gepost door Gourownway
Raw problem
i have now shot raw images for the first time....
Created by Uniqueglen,
on 06/17/2007
2,870 bekeken
3 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 02/27/2008,
gepost door Icefront
* Photoshop Tutorial Series - Pocket Technique #5 in the SERIES
Photoshop Beginners/Intermediate Users  Pocket technique #5 - My fifth attempt at showing you how I open an image....
Created by Rjmiz,
on 07/03/2007
3,115 bekeken
5 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 01/23/2008,
gepost door Cmarshall717
A cool site for colour pallets.
I found this cool site to get free color pallets for your programs....
Created by Seagrave,
on 10/05/2007
3,369 bekeken
4 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 01/15/2008,
gepost door Seesea
Willing to "tutor" a novice?
I recently took some shots of an area that is difficult (for me) to get the exposure right without getting blown highlights and read somewhere that it is best to underexpose and than correct after the fact....
Created by Mkaguiar,
on 06/22/2007
2,614 bekeken
4 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 01/07/2008,
gepost door Gmargittai
TIFF > JPG induces artifacts in isolations.
The question was brought up by Madelaide in an independent MS forum....
Created by Fleyeing,
on 12/11/2007
2,642 bekeken
3 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 12/12/2007,
gepost door Indianeye
Free Photoshop brushes
Commercial usage allowed:    http://graphics-illustrations....
Created by Bsilvia,
on 10/16/2007
3,378 bekeken
10 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 11/20/2007,
gepost door Kasiden

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Het tonen van topics 141 - 160 van 309