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gepost in My last TIFF sale

In my experience to be exclusive may improve the number of sales but not very much. Surely it improves the revenue. But on other sites is possible to sell more some types of images that on DT sell less.In my opinion the low number or image you sold depen ... [Lees meer...]

gepost in One year - 10 sales, please criticize my portfolio

Welcome to DT Macsstock! Generally everywhere the lunch hours are not good to take pictures and polarizer doesn't help much. This time may be good only in winter with clear sky and some clouds. In such case polarizer filter may produce a very nice b ... [Lees meer...]

gepost in Hi everyone!

Claudio Balducelli


Bracciano (rome), Italy
Claudio Balducelli (Baldas1950)

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  • Totale verkoop: 890
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Since I was a boy, I always had a passion for photography. In the 70's I loved spend so much time in the photographic development laboratory to experiment with film and photographic papers of various kinds.

I am a researcher in physics and computer science and in my work I have also acquired expertise in digital imaging.
I also conducted courses in this area.
In Italy I am a member of an association that promotes the photographic work not for profit.

Volg mij:
December 30, 2007
Mirrorless Fujifilm X-T10 Gimp 2.6 Adobe Photoshop
Favoriete onderwerpen:
Nature, travels, art; but, anyway, I like to capture images with every aspect of the world we live in.
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