Exclusive Image Rights (SR-EL)

When you purchase images under our SR-EL license no one else can purchase those same images from that point on. In fact, we'll actually remove those images entirely from the Dreamstime website within 72 hours.
Be confident that when you require an exclusive image or logo for your brand and messaging, we'll make sure only you own your purchased images.

Own Forever or just a While

With our flexible SR-EL buyout option you can choose to retain exclusive image rights from now until the end of time, or for just however long you might need to own it.
Combine this with the ability to have exclusive ownership and trademarked logo designs and your brand, message, and identity become a highly recognizable force.

Logo Buyout and Trademark

You read that correctly. We here at Dreamstime are proud to be the only agency in the industry to allow you to trademark your exclusively purchased logo designs.
Guarantee that your brand's identity will forever stay your brand's identity and no one else's by purchasing under our SR-EL license.
We'll ensure no one else can buy the image and you have the ability to protect it - and your brand - with a trademark.

Unlimited Usage Rights

When you download an image under our exclusive image rights license you're not just downloading one copy. You’re, essentially, downloading an infinite number of copies!
Use your exclusive images across any number of industries, markets, messaging mediums, and... everywhere!
Your brand deserves better than limitations. Unlock the reach of your message with unlimited usage rights.

Like Rights Managed, but better

Sell the Rights Rights Managed
Industry and markets Any industry and any market Industry and market specific
Worldwide use
Flexible licensing period
Exclusive logo usage rights
Exclusive usage rights during the licensed period
Image ownership
Unlimited copies
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*owning the rights to the image do not include claiming authorship, the copyright remains to the author of the image.