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Spamming Keywords Flaggers

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Oorspronkelijk gepost door Androniques:
Geciteerd Bericht: If flagging without a comment is impossible, then what sort of button accidentally pressed is discussed in the above quote?
On the search results page, the leftmost button with the faint red cross under every thumb. To engage a search, you have to type in some keywords. I figure those keywords reach the contributor as a comment on the flagged image.
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Uitgegeven: 07/29/2011, 05:43:24 AM

Oorspronkelijk gepost door Fleyeing:
Geciteerd Bericht: Well I merely commented on Viorel`s statement that buyers make mistakes by the layout and the meaning of the buttons. If that`s not the case ("accidents are zero") better not waste time on fixing a running engine.

Buyers do make mistakes but the number is zero COMPARED to the number of searches. There are reports, you get them, I get them. But they are not that high. Usually the buyer will do it once and then will use it properly. If not, a polite reply to the flag will make him realize.
Gepost: 07/29/2011, 06:24:03 AM
Fleyeing, thanks for drawing my attention to it! I never noticed that button... :)

Now I also understand the arguments regarding its look:

Oorspronkelijk gepost door Achilles:
Geciteerd Bericht: An exclamation sign might add to the confusion. x = "close" the image or "delete" it from search. Don`t see it anymore. ! = "Mark" it for future use?The "x" suggests that the image will be removed from the search results. Many users don`t really care about flagging, they just want it out of there.The number of accidents is zero compared to how many people use the search. The more accidents like these, the better the overall sales. ;)Can`t be that difficult to simply ignore the flag if the keyword is legit.

It is the button for flagging, right... so why not to put a red flag into it? Then its purpose is clear and no confusion. Well, I anticipate, though, that it might be difficult to have a flag in the same style as the other two buttons there.
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Gepost: 07/29/2011, 06:49:50 AM

Oorspronkelijk gepost door Dudau:
Geciteerd Bericht: This has been discussed many times before. The flag button is very close to the `add to lightbox` button, so there are some buyers who want to select your pictures for a future purchase, but they flag them by mistake. Yes, those users you are calling spammers, may actually be buyers.Instead of arguing, if the file infos are correct, respond politely to that user and ask for clarifications, or just ignore the flag. I repeat, only if the flagged words are relevant for that image.

Then please move the button. I find it very annoying to be flagged for
1. "injury" in a picture of injured people
2. "islam" for a flag for a Muslim organization.
3. "miners rescue" for miners stuck in a mine.
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Gepost: 03/01/2012, 09:24:02 AM
How about a confirmation dialog that asks if you want to submit a keyword flag for the displayed keywords?
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Gepost: 03/02/2012, 12:09:14 PM
It may be that the button is close to another. It may be that I can ignore it. But it is a fact that these "comments" are offensive to those who take a great deal of time and effort to keyword properly in the first place. If this is a usability issue, i would suggest putting some effort into solving the problem, rather than just pointing out why it can't be done. Every last flag i have ever gotten is for a keyword that is central to the photo, and is clearly relevant. Yes, i can ignore it. I certainly would not want to offend a buyer, but this seems to be a one way street.
Gepost: 03/08/2012, 15:03:06 PM
I wish everyone the best finding the good keywords. It's not easy. I wouldn't consider flagging someone, personally. It would have to be very unusual circumstances I think. It's difficult to judge words even remotely related to the subject of their photos. I don't want to limit others in their options.

I try to use Wikipedia and searches in different languages to pinpoint keywords relevant to each subject. I reference previous accepted images that I know have relevant keywords and go back to those when I need to refresh the information.

If I'm making a mistake or offending someone, I apologize, but that's never been my intention. Keep working on good and relevant images, the rest is not something I'm too worried about.
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Gepost: 03/31/2012, 09:22:22 AM

Oorspronkelijk gepost door Androniques:
Geciteerd Bericht: O`kay... then I guess one of these people "getting nothing" is myself! because some time ago, I got really annoyed with many pictures of chalk stacks (pretty basic, btw) constantly appearing amongst the search results for coloured piano keys, notes and music sheets (sorry, I don`t remember exact keywords I was trying but the search was quite specific). Then I actually checked the keywords under a few of these chalky pictures and found out that "music" and "harmony" described well those chalk blocks along with many more "relevant" keywords, as unrelated to music as to chalks. Well, I did flag three or four of those pictures, but I never received any payouts for flagging those... So, it now appears that I was the spammer! LOL

Heh, I bet the system of 2 cents doesn't work, because I never got mine, and I am sure I flagged those chalks rightfully. ;)

On another note, I have been looking through my port now, deleting some least relevant keywords and basically cleaning it up of spam-prone choices. My problem is that quite often I want to delete the same word from several (similar) images, and it's very time-consuming! So, if one wants to clean up his port, it would be of an enormous help to be able to *remove* a keyword for a set of selected pictures. I recall someone already suggested it but could not find it now.
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Gepost: 04/02/2012, 07:18:04 AM
That tool would be a great help :-)
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Gepost: 04/03/2012, 06:48:51 AM
The reality is that if you get flagged accidentally then no keywords would accompany the message. When you get flagged and there are keywords identified, it's no accident. I've had a few lately that were clear "hopes" that I would remove them and they earn their 2 cents. How are we supposed to respond politely when the keywords are correct and the accuser is simply being a predator dick? And the defensive nature of a DT exclusive, Dudau, is amazing.
Uitgegeven: 07/22/2012, 19:56:28 PM

Oorspronkelijk gepost door Kelpfish:
Geciteerd Bericht: The reality is that if you get flagged accidentally then no keywords would accompany the message. When you get flagged and there are keywords identified, it`s no accident. I`ve had a few lately that were clear "hopes" that I would remove them and they earn their 2 cents. How are we supposed to respond politely when the keywords are correct and the accuser is simply being a predator dick? And the defensive nature of a DT exclusive, Dudau, is amazing.

The reality is that for each report, accidental or not, you do see the keywords reported. If you have reports with no keywords mentioned, please contact support for them to check because this is not how it is supposed to happen. Moreover, if you remove the keywords, the person who reports gets nothing. If at review the keywords are removed by editors, only then the person who reports gets indeed the 2 cents.

If you cannot reply politely to a report/flag comment, then please, just ignore it, especially if the keywords are correct. The thing is we do not really tolerate abusive language or rude comments so if you do call someone a 'predator dick,' we may need to take measures. Whenever you feel someone is abusive, flagging images included, please contact support instead of wasting precious energy and getting high blood pressure. We can settle the matters in a more diplomatic manner so that nobody gets upset. Thank you.
Gepost: 07/23/2012, 03:13:46 AM
Tangie, thanks for your clarifications. Could you also comment please on what is the difference between reporting (with keywords) and flagging (by clicking the cross button in the search) an image, in terms of their review pathways and internal DT's queues/treatment.

Also, considering how many times it has been suggested to move that cross button away from the lightbox button, it seems like DT prefers to deal with all the extra erroneous flagging events than reduce their chances. :)
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Gepost: 07/23/2012, 04:19:22 AM
The report and flag options work in the same manner. All these reports undergo the same review process. I think we mentioned in the past that we have certain criteria for prioritizing them, number pf people reporting an image for instance. If several people report an image for the same keywords, it is obvious there is a higher possibility of finding something wrong with the keywords. The Report option is less used than the flag one if we are to compare.

We are aware of the suggestions and we increased the size of the 'add to lightbox' button, we have added a text explaining what each button does, we have given an undo options in case someone reports accidentally. We have considered several options. We do not overlook this matter.

What can I say? Not all reports are accidental. Some people report because they don't see a perfect match or they feel the photographer used remotely related/conceptual keywords. From my experience, it works to provide an argument why a keyword that is remotely related has been used. The editors who review have access to these comments. They are trained to see nuances and advised to be lenient.

What I personally encourage everyone is to keep a serene attitude :) towards this function. Just check the comment, see if it applies and review keyword if necessary. That's all. No need to get mad. If you get rude responses, let us know and we will take care of it. This is a community. We may not be always smiling but I'd hate to see someone crying :P.
Uitgegeven: 07/23/2012, 07:27:56 AM door Admin
Tangie, thank you for your thorough reply. I checked the look and positionning of those buttons and in fact can't imagine myself hitting one instead of the other except on a cell-phone. Neither can I imagine anyone crying when looking at your avatar. :-D
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Gepost: 07/23/2012, 08:36:19 AM

Oorspronkelijk gepost door Fleyeing:
Geciteerd Bericht: In that case it`s a simple usability problem so why not space the buttons more apart? I know the row under the thumb is very small but at least you could replace the red cross icon by a yellow triangle with exclamation character on it. This type of icon is much more ubiquitous for special action or "beware", while a red cross is commonly used as a "close window" or "delete" icon.

Not that my opinion weighs much on the matter, but I completely agree with this comment. In software design, a red 'X' is used for items that should be closed or removed. A yellow triangle with an exclamation point is typically used for warnings. The purpose of this website is to help people find and use the right image for designs. When it comes to large images, this is easy to remember. However, it is sometimes the small 16x16 pixel images that subconsciously convey the most meaning to a user. The right image should be used to convey information in the clearest, most effective way possible.

Even knowing that DT uses the red 'X' to report images, I have still found myself trying to use it to remove items from the search that I know longer want to see. The images fit the keywords I had used; they just weren't the images I wanted to continue viewing. When this happened, a popup dialog appeared informing me that I was reporting keywords. I tried to cancel, but I don't know if the report went through or not.

As an exercise, look at your computer as you browse through the DT website. How many different types of 'x' icons do you see? What do they each mean? Are the differences in usage obvious?
Gepost: 07/23/2012, 23:03:52 PM
There is a new spammer that goes by "**************" [Admin edit: please don't attack another user before checking the facts with our support center. Also, please read the entire thread before posting into one. Thank you.

Tale tell evidence is the lack of any profile information or files uploaded yet flags one of my images of Maple Sugar taps for the keyword "sugaring".
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Uitgegeven: 09/12/2012, 14:20:33 PM door Admin
Please remember that buyers have profiles but don't usually put info in them. They just want to buy images, not get to know everyone. They don't upload images but have to have a profile if they are a buyer member of DT. That buyer may have wanted to put your image into a lightbox to remember to buy it in the future and hit the wrong button which is common. I would suggest that if this really bothers you and you want to clarify the issue that you should email support instead of post a potential buyer's name in the forum.
Gepost: 09/12/2012, 12:20:10 PM

Just got a flag from a member for no reason..

This is my reply to him

So.....if i asked you tu be more specific it means that i didn't see it. I guess it should'b so hard to do that since u have so mauch time to spend analizing everybody else keywords. Any way i got it. The keyword it's "measuring tape". By the way measuring tape is in the picture u flagged (for no reason it seems). My question for you is why u take care of your colegues work insted of your own. Personally i work hard taking pictures and even harder for them to be accepted. Really it is embarasing to have unrequested public oppinions about your colegues work. So if you can use one piece of advice here ..ind your own business. Please !

Obviously hi refuzed to tell me which keyword i did wrong and it is no the first time
Gepost: 09/25/2012, 05:13:01 AM
If you are referring to your photo(s) of an apple on a towel with a measuring tape it contains some misleading or inaccurate keywords such as activity, aerobics, blue, body, building, club, conscious, dumbbell, equipment, exercise, exercises, gym, life, physical, sport, train, training… It is best to use words that describe the thing in the image, not all those abstract terms. Buyers looking for an image of a gym or a dumbbell or body building will not be happy when your apple appears in the search results. If they are searching for a green apple and tape measure which is the likeliest scenario they would be happy if your image appeared. No disrespect but you should take a look at your keywords again. If any flag is incorrect nothing will be done to punish you so don't get mad, just ignore it. Remember, buyers flag images, not just fellow colleagues.
Gepost: 09/25/2012, 06:40:03 AM
Ok Red ...i agree with you on this ...i know i can admit when i make mistakes...
For example today i was flagged by the member dudau for a mistake that carried out from image to image by copy paste (in a series). I just removed the keyword as i found it that he was right. I will not argue with that. But it looks like this guy's business is flagging not posting (17 images total). I would prefer to compete with him on sales or image quality not flags. I didn't mean today to be rude in any way. Just got annoyed by the fact that he simply flagged an image for no reason at all.
Gepost: 09/25/2012, 13:06:18 PM
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