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Sugestion: public discussion about refused images

My personal wish for 2012.

I can understand - at least partially - why this forum is not for discussing about refused images.

I will be happy that the detailed answer (the one after I contact support) for my rejected images to be public, here, at this forum. A lot of other photographers can learn from this. In the contact form I wish a check mark like this: "I want/don't want the detailed response to be posted on forum."

Thank's God, my rejected images are a few in last time, but I can not understand every time the reason. A message like this is very generic: "For collages, please improve the technical execution (distorted pixels, noise, blendings, etc) in order to best serve the concept of the image." And, of course, I contact support after that and, from the detailed answer, I learn a lot. Why to learn alone?

Thank you and wish you a very Merry Christmas. Love you all.
Gepost: 12/22/2011, 15:36:56 PM
Nope, not gonna happen :) Sorry to disappoint you, but posting each personal email here would not improve things.

When you write to support you get a personalized answer that will apply only to that particular image, that is why, most of the time, said answer will not help anyone else.
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Gepost: 12/23/2011, 01:26:31 AM
There is a way around it. Put a rejected image on Flickr or Photobucket and then ask for a critique in the Positive Criticism forum. But be careful how you word your post, don't even imply it was a rejected image. Just ask for feedback and help.

And even then, you should not always do this. If you need help with content, a technical issue, or concept, that would probably work. One example of when NOT to post an image is asking what's wrong with an image when there are already many other similar images.

It would be nice to at least discuss technical issues. I had a horrible time with noise; just identifying noise was difficult enough let alone figuring out how to fix it.
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Gepost: 12/23/2011, 11:31:54 AM
I don't suppose there'd be any point. Well the fact an image gets rejected on DT doesn't actually mean anything apart from the fact the image isn't considered suitable for stock on DT. But the technical and or artistic criteria used to select stock imagery may have very little relevance in the real world.

Generally stock imagery has to conform to high standards because there's no way of knowing what it is going to be used for and so has to be potentially suitable to a whole range of possible uses. But this is academic because in the real world you generally know what you are going to use an image for and whether it is suitable or not.

So the fact images are rejected on DT doesn't mean these images wouldn't be perfectly salable elsewhere e.g. on POD products. Where in fact you can even use the technical short comings of your camera equipment for artistic effect. So the fact such images may not be considered suitable for stock doesn't mean much in terms of making good salable art and design products and making money from your images.

In which case there would be no point in having an inquest because rejection by DT doesn't actually mean one is trying to flog a dead horse LOL

Well far from it in my experience I do quite well selling my art ,design and photography on POD sites in fact well enough to be full-time at it so trying stock agencies is relatively new to me. So whilst many of the rejections here have seemed quite surprising and perhaps I can learn something from the experience e.g. maybe I need a better camera lol. There's plenty more fish is the sea and if one potential customer is a bit picky there's always plenty more. One isn't losing anything by trying, but better to move on than waste time with inquests. IMO
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Gepost: 02/06/2012, 10:59:04 AM

Oorspronkelijk gepost door Nikitu:
Geciteerd Bericht: Nope, not gonna happen :) Sorry to disappoint you, but posting each personal email here would not improve things.When you write to support you get a personalized answer that will apply only to that particular image, that is why, most of the time, said answer will not help anyone else.

agree with you. from another point - any from editors team can make a extended tutorial with examples - like as that always in DT, but a lot bigger, deeper.
about a rejecting - i always suggest to divide a reasons in smaller, but more precise fractions, and in some cases, add a few words - thats economy both - an editors, and a submitters - time, imho.
for example, my last rejections - in refusal reasons be a "bad contrast, and can be reading trademarks, etc". i think, it will be very good stock photo in "pick to berry" theme with boy + emotions - i will be more post-processing and resubmit, but before write a message to inspectors with question about explain exactly problems, and say to - it is a good think to try resubmit, or no?
in answer, i learning a few new for me things - i e a maps and books shots generally not accept at all ( i have a Latvia map shoot too :D ), and for my "berry picker" seems low sales potential, and better is not resubmit it. its, without doubt, saves me a lot of time, but if i not send a email for explanation, then, from official rejecting reason, i think, no any can be pick out that info....
imho, if, when image is rejected, a reason is writed, then that reason must be concreticall and easy to understand, and not like "someone not ok with your image, color, or time of day, or subject, or object, or whatever" - that reason, imho, worth nothing, and then be better that no reason, than that, imho ;)
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Gepost: 02/07/2012, 08:22:08 AM