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Dumping flash, feedback please

So after having a flash website for a while I really feel like I have to change it back to html as there are so many clients etc who use Ipads which do not support flash :-(

So just gonna ask for some feedback on my website.

Content is not really 100% done yet but I'm working on it -.-

Any comments are mucho appreciated!

Gepost: 01/12/2012, 23:58:01 PM
It might load a bit slow because my web host is useless and if someone could try it on Ipad I'd be super happy :-)

Uitgegeven: 01/13/2012, 00:30:42 AM
I haven't tried the site on an iPad, but here is a bit of feedback from use on a PC.

I tried the site with both Firefox and with IE, and it renders well, but it is rather slow to load. The slowness may keep people from navigating as much of your portfolio as they otherwise would. However, once a page loads, it is very quick to switch from one image to another. This is good.

Your layout seems to be good. The images are sharp and eye catching. The navigation is straight forward and easy to use. I do find it unusual to have the ability to "close" the pages with the 'x' on the right top of the pages. Why do you want to provide the ability to make the page disappear? Users might be confused by this.

Also, several of the pages occasionally return errors. I have gotten an error about the CSS not loading and another error I do not remember (it only happened once). Both times, the errors were very obvious with a red background making it stand out. Unfortunately, the errors appear to be intermittent, and that will make them harder to chase down. It's possible that the errors are related to the site's overall slowness.

Who is your target audience for the site? Is this a site that you point people to who want to view your portfolio? Or, is this meant to act as a marketing site to help new people find you? If the purpose is the first, then I think your site works well. However, if you are wanting to get new clients through this site, you should consider adding additional elements that will help search engines find you.

Here are a few thoughts:

* Search engines utilize text to index your website. The only page in your site that has much text is your bio page (presumably your blog section will also be expanded over time). Thus, this is the page that will likely show up the most in the search engines. Consider adding more text (descriptions of images, information about your studio, etc) to the pages with-out text (especially your home page).

* The name of your company is only listed in the header, and this is done as an image. It is fine to do this (it does ensure that the font chosen will appear the same to all users), but you should have the name of your company listed elsewhere as text. Again, search engines know how to parse text, but they cannot (yet) read images to determine what the text in them says. Consider adding the name of your company and your city at the footer of all pages. Note that if you search Google for "kuala lumpur photography" your site does not come up, but this likely what some of your potential clients might look for.

* If you want to see how many people are viewing your site, how long they are staying, and what they are looking at while visiting, then analyze your site's web statistics. There are several free analytics tools available. Your hosting company likely has some available to you that will allow you to look at the raw logs. Webalizer and AWStats will help you analyze the raw logs. If you do not have access to the raw logs (or even if you do), you can use a 3rd party analyzer such as Google Analytics. These require you to tag each page with a piece of JavaScript which send usage information to the 3rd party for analysis. The results are not as accurate (but you aren't going to get 100% accuracy in this area with any tool), but it is easy, free and very user friendly. There is much that you can learn about your site by looking at these tools.

* If you are really interested in improving your site's performance in the search engines, do some research on SEO (search engine optimization). It's a field unto itself, and it is probably more work that you want to get into, but you may find it interesting to at least be familiar with the basics.

Your site is very clean and works well as a portfolio. You have some great photography showcased there.

Good luck to you!

Gepost: 01/13/2012, 21:27:03 PM
Hi, I know SEO pretty well I just put some demo text to see how things look like.

I really appreciate that you took your time to give me good feedback!

The X closing thing was intended for a slideshow in the back but I might just remove it completely.

Once again thank you!
Gepost: 01/15/2012, 09:02:53 AM
I'd love to comment, but it's been about at least a minute so far and I still have a white page. It almost seems like you're preloading the entire site.
Gepost: 01/31/2012, 10:12:40 AM