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What am I missing? Portfolio critique.

So I have been on DT a little over 6 months. I have 66 sales with 259 uploads. I expected the sales to be better especially when see others downloads per image rate and mine is at .25. I have tried to add variety and diversity to my portfolio to increase exposure.

Am I missing something in my photos/portfolios or is this just me needing to exercise a little more patience?

Thanks in advance for your honest assessment and suggestions.

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Uitgegeven: 1 minute ago
Hello, Val.

I have had a look at your portfolio (PF). On my opinion, your pictures are very good ones. But speaking on PF as a whole some lack of diversity is visible. You concentrate on portraits though among your bestsellers portraits are presented not such widely as they are presented in the whole PF.

Also, though your portraits are nice and made professsionally, they does not look too much 'stock-oriented'. Try to put 'portrait' in the search line and then sort result by 'best selling' criterium. What you get will differ essentially from what you have in your PF.

My third remark concerns keywording / descriptions / titles for your pictures. They seem to be not quite accurate. For instance, title for your bestseller (very nice photo!) ID 21771615 'Elder hand holding youth hand' looks too long. I would change it just for 'Elder youth hand'. For this photo I found keywords like 'teacher' or 'train' that are obviously irrelevant.

On the other hand, 66 sales is not too little for first 6 months. I had much less, as I remember.

I hope my point of view will be somehow useful.

Best of luck!

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Uitgegeven: 03/10/2012, 07:08:13 AM
I think you're doing great for someone with 75 images in their portfolio. Yes, you read that right, "75."

Many of your images are similar so when you break it down your portfolio is actually smaller than you think. Nothing wrong with similars, it increases your chances for a sale, but you will have four images competing against each other for a single sale. That's a bit different when you have four different images lined up for four different sales. Which scenario is better? It's best to do BOTH. Several images from the same shoot but diversifying with many different concepts.

Speaking of concepts, this is a STOCK agency and it's not the same as a MODELING agency. Concepts sell better here, PRETTY SMILING GIRL head shots do poorly. Buyers want images that COMMUNICATE A CONCEPT, they don't want a portrait of someone else's wife or girlfriend.

COWBOY USING ATM MACHINE, now that's a good concept. Have you looked at other images in the database of people using an ATM machine? Your image is a little flat. Even though it was outdoors you might have made it pop better by using a flash.

CONCEPTS get noticed, WELL EXECUTED concepts sell. Learning HOW to do concepts, well, it took me a while to catch on, you have to figure it out on your own. There is no "couple of sentences" someone can post here that changes your eye through the viewfinder overnight.

Lastly, don't make the same mistake the vast majority do: They look at the database, say "I can do that!" and they copy what has already been done. Admittedly I do that too but you will go far if you blaze your own trail and load up your portfolio with images only YOUR imagination can conceive. Original, unique ideas go far in the stock world.

Trust me though, you are off to a very good start. Most give up when they discover that taking photographs with a high end camera, especially for the stock world, requires more skill than they think.
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Gepost: 03/11/2012, 11:13:29 AM
Thank you for the comments and advice. I am trying to come up with some unique stuff more and more. I think I have the only cowboy using an atm machine in all of stock photography. I couldn't find anything else with little girls learning how to make tortillas either. The concept concept is one that is slowly taking form in my head. Thanks!
f.3.5, 55-250mm f 4.0....
Gepost: 1 minute ago
I really *love* your Dia De Los Muertos photos, really neat. Look at what sells, and look at your bestsellers. Can you add to those?
Are there any places around where you live that are not covered in Dreamstime?
And of course as always, talking about your work. How, where why...etc. you got that photograph.
You have some really excellent photos, you just need to keep adding. It takes time, for everyone : )
Good luck!
Uitgegeven: 03/14/2012, 06:17:49 AM