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Rjmiz Tutorials
Since the untimely and unexpected passing of rjmiz, he did not complete work on his new website....
Langs gecreeerd Flinx,
on 01/25/2009
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Laatste Post: on 05/18/2009,
gepost door Flinx
Elements versus full PS question
I'm sure this question has been asked often, not necessarily on this board, but since I did a search of the topic and came up with zero 'hits' here, I thought it would be appropriate....
Langs gecreeerd Faunfoto,
on 12/20/2008
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Laatste Post: on 03/19/2009,
gepost door Afagundes
Photoshop cs3 HELP! Planet making
hello  I got my self a problem  I am having a problem, I am trying to make my self a planet but it dosent work....
Langs gecreeerd Petersjokvist,
on 02/28/2009
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Laatste Post: on 02/28/2009,
gepost door Petersjokvist
Bleaching background white for nude figure stock submission
I have about 50 female nude photos that I took a year ago that would be suitable for stock; however, they were shot on a bed with a pale blue sheet....
Langs gecreeerd Faunfoto,
on 02/18/2009
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Laatste Post: on 02/19/2009,
gepost door Neddog
Portrait blending tip needed
Hello everyone out there, I need a photoshop tip....
Langs gecreeerd Sterlingdesignusa,
on 11/19/2008
4,279 bekeken
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Laatste Post: on 02/14/2009,
gepost door Neddog
Having problems removing grain
I just discovered that on my last trip I accidentally set my ISO to 3200 on my D60 and now all of my pics have tons of grain, everything that I have tried to clean them up hasn't worked, Any ideas?...
Langs gecreeerd EmeraldUmbrellaStudio,
on 01/11/2009
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Laatste Post: on 02/12/2009,
gepost door Dreamframer
Rejections  GESLOTEN
I frequently get a rejection with the comment write your text here "Distorted pixels due to poor sensor performance, image was interpolated, poorly scanned, upsampled or JPG was not saved at the highest quality....
Langs gecreeerd Hudakore,
on 02/01/2009
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Laatste Post: on 02/01/2009,
gepost door Petarneychev
Merge to HDR in Pshop
I have been doing some experimenting in HDR the last few days....
Langs gecreeerd Rjmiz,
on 05/22/2006
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Laatste Post: on 01/21/2009,
gepost door Southernstar71
I've got a trial version of Aperture 2 at the moment which I'm thinking of changing to on a more permanent basis....
Langs gecreeerd Holgs,
on 01/15/2009
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Laatste Post: on 01/15/2009,
gepost door Holgs
Importing CR2's via Lightroom
Hi,    When I want to import photo's from my camera via Lightroom2, I get the import dialog box in which I can change some settings like how the file should be (re)named, the location, keywords, etc....
Langs gecreeerd Pradi,
on 12/24/2008
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Laatste Post: on 12/24/2008,
gepost door Pradi
Does anyone have problems with Adobe Lightroom ?...
Langs gecreeerd Jdwild,
on 09/06/2007
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Laatste Post: on 12/20/2008,
gepost door Pradi
Embroidered effect in photoshop
Hello everybody, I was wondering if any of you would know how to make text and ornaments have an embroidered effect in photoshop....
Langs gecreeerd Sterlingdesignusa,
on 12/02/2008
10,021 bekeken
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Laatste Post: on 12/02/2008,
gepost door Sterlingdesignusa
Lightroom automatically update meta data to files?
Can you have Lightroom automatically push all of the meta data changes to all of the files in the database?...
Langs gecreeerd Eewill40,
on 09/02/2008
5,301 bekeken
5 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 11/27/2008,
gepost door Pradi
100 cool photo effects in Photoshop
Sorry if the link was allready posted    [link=http://www....
Langs gecreeerd Pitbull28,
on 09/24/2008
9,731 bekeken
16 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 11/27/2008,
gepost door Lecaro
Help With Resolution From Downloading
I was wondering if someone could help me as when I download an image and take into Photoshop, some of the images I download the resolution is 300 px/inch where others are 240 or 72, I always download the 300 resolution but when I open it it is only 72....
Langs gecreeerd Angeliquetoner,
on 10/26/2008
3,225 bekeken
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Laatste Post: on 10/28/2008,
gepost door Bradcalkins
How to do this
  [img]2574059[/img]        Is there a tutorial on how to create these?...
Langs gecreeerd Ladykassie,
on 06/15/2007
6,907 bekeken
8 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 10/26/2008,
gepost door Martinedegraaf
Portraits to B&W in Photoshop Elements
Hi     I have been trying to do a conversion of portrait shots to Black and White and just can't seem to get it right no matter what I try to do....
Langs gecreeerd Helen66,
on 10/13/2008
5,110 bekeken
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Laatste Post: on 10/13/2008,
gepost door Helen66
How to remove logo?
Okay so I have been having "extreme" difficulty with this one image....
Langs gecreeerd Kmclachlan,
on 12/02/2005
11,556 bekeken
11 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 10/10/2008,
gepost door Photospace
Silhouettes - Photoshop CS3
Hiya,  I'm trying to create silhouette images (vector or otherwise) from photographs using photoshop cs3....
Langs gecreeerd Shadow69,
on 09/07/2007
9,229 bekeken
7 antwoorden
Laatste Post: on 09/17/2008,
gepost door Southernstar71
Keywording in lightroom 1.4
i am using lightroom 1....
Langs gecreeerd Lecaro,
on 09/01/2008
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Laatste Post: on 09/01/2008,
gepost door Lecaro

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