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Kharitonova Nataliya


Dyomskiy, Russian Federation
Kharitonova Nataliya (Nataside)

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The whole world around us. It's so amazing to feel light and paint. Most common places at first glance may be fine if the sun and the rain stopped for a moment in Lenses camera. To convey the mood and image of the landscape or a person is not easy, but if it fails then the pictures start to live and to please the eye of the beholder. Photographers from different countries make beautiful pictures of their cities, parks and seas, forcing us to strive to see the beauty firsthand. Traveling peo ... meer

September 28, 2014
Fujifilm X-A1
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Ease of execution snapshots, Capturing the moment without photoshop, honesty in the picture - that's my quality criteria. I am interested in all areas and genres of photography, a self-sustaining due to this.

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