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Check out this website and blog, exciting times

Please take a look at Jvecc1 Website and blog.

Since my images were up loaded, my view counter has gone mad.



As yet I not know if it has made any sales for me, but I have no why of knowing for sure.

Thank you Jvecc1



Framed blog
Uitgegeven: 09/29/2010, 13:22:10 PM
HIya Chime and thanks for the "Thumbs Up". Im very happy your exposure and views have increased so dramaticly. Matter of fact seeing your port the most recent is the highest views there. Almost overnight. Sales of course we have no control but without views there would be no chance of sales.I dont monitor sales at all, just views. Your photo is in a system that we call PAM which

gets you noticed by certain paths in the net and to certain points. Does it work all the time? Just most of the time. I select a photo, and the photo has to be good, that is the lowest in views and newest and work it through the system. Personal exposure done by man not machine without the competition of millions of other photos. There are no charges or fees. And remember we not only guide to your individual photo but also your port.

Get some grease;)

Conngratulations on your success

Gepost: 09/30/2010, 07:21:44 AM
Your Welcome Jvecc.

The view are still going up and up. Had a few sale with n/a so you never know, it could be from the exposure from you websites.

Thanks Chimeandsense
Gepost: 10/01/2010, 08:30:14 AM
Anne's right, another one of my military emblems just sold today,and it didnt occur to me til reading this that its probably because you have them on your website. They seem to sell at least once a month. Thanks again Jvecc1, maybe you should start your own agency! :)
Gepost: 10/07/2010, 09:59:47 AM
Hi Deb Im just glad to help get the exposure up for you all. Keep in mihd though that no matter how or which path ,PAM, I choose to expose the photos they still have to be good! May be my system but its your photos!

And its nice for you both to let me know it seems to be working, most others dont.
Gepost: 10/07/2010, 10:41:02 AM
hopefully this will get you some more exposure too. i like your whole portfolio but especially the car accident shot (hopefully noone was seriously hurt), really good picture
Gepost: 10/07/2010, 15:37:51 PM
The total views for one of my images has nearly reached 100 (three more to go) but no sales, just because i think that it is on Framed. Plus I have just seen that is now on members choice. I like.
Uitgegeven: 10/18/2010, 19:58:48 PM
Well it was for a short time on member's choice :)
Gepost: 10/18/2010, 20:32:09 PM
anne whats members choice? is it the same as editors choice?
Gepost: 10/21/2010, 15:06:55 PM
i just found it under stats and community, cant believe i never noticed it before. ;)
Gepost: 10/21/2010, 15:14:20 PM
Debramillet, Have your sales improved with your images being on Jvecc1 webpages??
Gepost: 11/09/2010, 10:43:10 AM
hi Anne, had a really slow october but november is picking up. It's like you were saying earlier about alot of n/a sales, it does make you wonder. The military emblems seem to sell consistantly and I think Framed has alot to do with it.
Uitgegeven: 11/12/2010, 07:44:09 AM
I really do hope that we are right, only time will tell.
Gepost: 11/22/2010, 17:13:10 PM
Please take a look at this: www.vectorgraphit.com.

We want to make a site wiht illustrator tutorials, icons and more.

Any comments and opinions would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
Uitgegeven: 07/21/2011, 14:48:30 PM
someone else is using your images, on his/her blog, it is better if you make your own blog and start sharing your images, may be the chances of making a sale may improve
Gepost: 01/14/2013, 03:48:13 AM