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Moire pattern


I heard the moire pattern cannot be removed using photohop but has anyone come close and successfully re-submitted anything?

I got no where!
Canon 5D MKII 50mm f1.8 28mm 70mm f2.8 60mm f2.8 macro
Gepost: 11/28/2011, 12:19:06 PM
Hi, can you upload somewhere (and post a link to) 100% crop from affected image?

Do you know, what is the source of moire (camera sensor, post-production...)?
and editing images :)...
Gepost: 11/29/2011, 02:35:09 AM
im not sure where i would upload to? There is an image in my potfolio of a man in suit which was the best of a bad bunch, the suit had a metallic finish anyway so i knew it could happen without enough care but wondered if theres any post process techniques?
Canon 5D MKII 50mm f1.8 28mm 70mm f2.8 60mm f2.8 macro
Gepost: 11/29/2011, 06:13:38 AM
Upload - use sendspace.com > send it to yourself and get link out of received email. Than post link here. But don't send the full image - just a 100% crop of about 400x400 and best would be to have sample right out of camera... (as your image in portfolio is posprocessed, resized, desaturated... so the channel information is already distorted/lost) I can try some approaches that came to my mind...
and editing images :)...
Gepost: 11/29/2011, 08:21:55 AM
It is called strobing and this is the reason that people on TV do not wear stripped clothing. Hard to adjust for.
2.8, Sigma 24-135. Nikon SB800 SB600 Dell Studio17 Laptop...
Gepost: 11/29/2011, 09:04:25 AM
ok, try this and let us know if it worked on your image...

You will need an out-of-camera image (desaturated version will not work :) )

PHASE ONE - getting rid of luminosity moire

1. check Channels one by one and choose the one with smallest or no moire (- probably green one will be the best, as it usually has "two subpixels instead of one on sensor per usual image pixel").

2. Create new layer on top of your image fill it with solid black

3. Load selection from previously chosen channel and fill selection with white (on black layer) - this should do a gray-scale image from black layer (same as the chosen channel)

4. set blending mode of this layer to Luminosity

5. Adjust levels or curves to that layer so affected areas will be close to original image and mask away everything but moire affected area

PHASE TWO - getting rid of color moire

6. select both layers and duplicate them + merge those two new layers into one.

7. Gaussian-blur the new layer with strong enough settings to "dissolve" the color moire

8. Set blending mode of this layer to color

9. Adjust saturation of this layer to get close to original image and mask away areas which did not need moire removal...


(and I have some other ideas, in case phase one fails due to no clean channel, but that are only hypotheses with no proof so far...)

and editing images :)...
Uitgegeven: 11/30/2011, 01:48:48 AM
thanks for the tip, i no longer have the images to try this on but il refer back to this post if it happens again. Thanks
Canon 5D MKII 50mm f1.8 28mm 70mm f2.8 60mm f2.8 macro
Gepost: 12/02/2011, 06:18:31 AM
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