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Just got an immage

As by contract, I comunicate I will use the image I just got to create a logo. I am still working on it but it will soon be ready.
Gepost: 1 minute ago
I am Borg, your message was assimilated. Working on decoding now. Resistance is futile.
Gepost: 1 minute ago
Gepost: 01/13/2012, 01:40:21 AM

If you want to use a Dreamstime image as a logo you have to buy it with sell the rights licenses.
Elinchrom D-Lite4 To Go
Uitgegeven: 01/13/2012, 03:39:27 AM door Admin
Hello, I intend to use the images as part of the decoration of my men's clothing store.
Gepost: 1 minute ago
i am also doing the same at Ilano540 and was wondering if its ok i bought the image but it was not much.Im using it as a background on the awareness towards human trafficking im working on.
Gepost: 1 minute ago